Freelance Front-End/Client-Side UI Web Developer in Brighton, UK - John Kavanagh

CSS, XHTML, HTML5/HTML, Accessibility, UX, SEO, Usability, UI, IA, jQuery

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The intranet homepage offers an overview of current news and events. My account allows the user to change a number of their personal details. The blog serves as a platform for the company to communicate with one another - share good news, new pitches, ideas, and thoughts. A PHP integrated scheduling system allowed for resources to be assigned to different tasks as was appropriate and gave an overview of what everyone was working on. Nobody likes filling in timesheets but at least they look nice on this intranet!

Marketing Agency Intranet

xHTML, CSS, & Prototype.js

Built in HTML4 and CSS from beautiful PSD design (from the talented A-NT), this was intended as a complete replacement for the old, slow, and buggy intranet of the marketing agency that I worked with at the time.

Sadly the project never made it past the front-end prototype stage as it was always a 'down time' project and the plug was pulled after the studio workload increased.

These people have awesome taste in contractors!