With over nineteen years of hands-on development experience, I am an enthusiastic freelance web development specialist.

I care about my users, and focus the finer details. My work makes the web a little better and a little different every day.

An approachable early adopter and front-end tech-lead, I effect change for my clients and their users by delivering considered and carefully crafted user experiences working with React, modern ES10+ JavaScript (or TypeScript), HTMLand CSS.

My workis diverse; I've worked with clients worldwide on projects including:

  • leading a team of developers for the world's local bank;
  • overseeing the digital rebranding of a chain of much-loved high-end department stores;
  • helping prospective car buyers find just the right configuration for their next sports car;
  • and - at the other end of the spectrum - bringing a local band closer to their fans online during lockdown.
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