Portfoio of select previous work

John Lewis
& Partners

Senior developer overseeing the 'John Lewis & Partners' rebrand, plus performance and optimisation of their user journeys.

John Kavanagh - 'John Lewis' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/john-lewis-and-partners-rebrand-and-ecommerce/)
Screenshot of the John Lewis website project.

Future Media

The fourth major version of the award-winning website and new online identity of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

John Kavanagh - 'BBC Future Media' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/bbc-future-media-and-technology/)
Screenshot of the BBC Future Media website project.

Design Studio

A bold, media-led, digital design studio website built in Gatsby using React, TypeScript and Contentful.

John Kavanagh - 'Red Central' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/creative-design-studio-website/)
Screenshot of the Red Central website project.


E-commerce marketplace development for Condé Nast in ClojureScript, HTML5 and CSS, integrated with their wider publications.

John Kavanagh - 'Style.com' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/conde-nast-style-com-marketplace/)
Screenshot of the Style.com website project.


E-commerce and marketing websites of the much-loved British sports car manufacturer built in HTML5, CSS and WordPress.

John Kavanagh - 'Lotus' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/lotus-cars-website/)
Screenshot of the Lotus website project.


Digital transformation project involving a ground-up rebuild of their commercial banking web application and platforms in React.

John Kavanagh - 'HSBC Corporate Banking' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/hsbc-digital-transformations/)
Screenshot of the HSBC Corporate Banking website project.


A complex, self-hosted, web-based media library and player built in React.

John Kavanagh - 'Plex.tv' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/plex-media-library-platform/)
Screenshot of the Plex.tv website project.


A multi-site, multi-lingual e-commerce platform built for Navico using Handlebars, MVC Razor and Episerver.

John Kavanagh - 'Navico' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/navico-marine-equipment-ecommerce/)
Screenshot of the Navico website project.

Bose Product

Highly-accessible web portal development for direct customer support, built using Mustache with AEM.

John Kavanagh - 'Bose Product Support' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/bose-product-support-platform/)
Screenshot of the Bose Product Support website project.

Cox &

Luxury travel website and e-commerce template development for one of the world's oldest travel companies.

John Kavanagh - 'Cox & Kings' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/cox-and-kings-luxury-travel-website/)
Screenshot of the Cox & Kings website project.


A complex, real-time, Angular-based web application using machine-learning against ‘big data’ and the live market.

John Kavanagh - 'Analytical Fintech Startup' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/quantitative-investment-fintech-startup/)
Screenshot of the Analytical Fintech Startup website project.


A sophisticated, interactive, multilingual web components e-learning platform built with Google Polymer and QTI.

John Kavanagh - 'Macmillan Education' (https://johnkavanagh.co.uk/portfolio/macmillan-education-elearning-platform/)
Screenshot of the Macmillan Education website project.