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BBC Homepage


HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, & mobile development

At the end of 2011 the BBC launched the forth major version of their homepage: the first of a systemic roll-out of a new identity, look-and-feel for their portfolio of online services.

As the gateway through which more than nine million visitors a week access the BBC's online services - including News and the iPlayer - the BBC homepage is the 52nd most-visited individual web page in the world, with bbc.co.uk being the fifth most-popular overall site in the UK.

No pressure then...

My experience with the BBC spans several years and a number of different projects and mediums. I started in development of their interactive educational games for the now-defunct BBC Jam service in 2006, and have since developed and optimised of several of their show-specific and commercial BBC Worldwide microsites. Most recently I was a consultant (and sole front-end developer) in the BBC Future Media team.

In the year-long placement at MediaCityUK I was responsible for the execution and optimisation of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used in the development of the BBC homepage (working from original concepts from Native). This included significant refactoring of the previous codebase, responsive and touch-enhancement (as well as a stand-alone mobile variant), and working interdepartmentally.

Built in HTML5, CSS, and jQuery on top of numerous stand-alone PHP modules, the homepage had to adhere to stringent guidelines and accessibility requirements, as well as be considerate of the audience's needs and preferences. At the time of release over 15% of visitors were still using Internet Explorer 6, and a partnership between the BBC and Blackberry years earlier meant that there were tens of thousands of people accessing the page every day via the shotcut pre-installed on the dashboard of their outdated, greyscale Blackberry mobile device.

The homepage was launched on the 30th November 2011 and although the overwhelming response from the general public was very positive, it was still met with some less-positive scrutiny - fortunately none of it relating to technical issues! The site went on be nominated for the Design Museum Designs of the Year Digital Award 2012.

Although I left the team the following year to move away, the homepage continues to adapt, respond, and grow as a gateway to the rest of the BBC's online services, and as the bellwether of the ongoing rebrand of BBC Online services.

If you are outside the UK, please be aware that the BBC home page presented to international visitors (which includes adverts) is a different version to the one I worked on in the UK, although much of the codebase is shared between the two.