In Brief

Bose – best known for their high-end audio products – relaunched their online Support portal and community forums as part of a wider website refresh. This is a one-stop location where customers can download manuals, trouble-shoot, research and discuss with other owners.

My Role

The brief was clear: this was to be a quick-loading, highly accessible, content-manageable addition to the site, enabling customers to self-support and to free up some capacity in their customer support teams. The final product is a complex set of templates built in Mustache within a standalone Node application, integrated with AEM and Khoros Communities.

The introduction of Bose's Product Support Portal came about as a way to engage more directly with their customers, alongside reducing strain on their customer service team, allowing their customers a more direct route to resolve simple problems themselves.

Following stringent brand guidelines, we developed a component library using Mustache, Less, Modernizr and Storybook. A portion of these were then handed over to a third-party supplier for integration into their community forum platform, whilst the rest were built into a standalone portion of the Bose website (integrated with AEM), providing a web-based interface to the manuals and trouble-shooting of hundreds of products (both old and new).

In order to reach as many people as possible, accessibility and fast-loading were absolutely key. Using lazyloading techniques, the average page load at launch was a little under two seconds, and achieved AAA accessibility conformance. The website receives over 250,000 visitors a month, and the forums often see post counts in the 10+ thousand a day.