In Brief

One of the world's oldest travel companies, Cox & Kings specialise in luxury travel. As their website traffic increased and more people accessed the site via mobile devices, it became clear that a rebuild was in order to best serve their client base.

My Role

Working with a small team of highly visual and creative individuals in Brighton, and after extensive user testing and focus groups, we developed a library of components and an extensive set of responsive templates. I then worked with their off-shore team to integrate these into their new website.

With a remote development team in India looking after their website, when it came time for Cox & Kings to rebrand and redesign, it was decided that their development team would accept front-end components to integrate into their existing infrastructure. As Bootstrap and jQuery already featured heavily within their systems, these became requisites of the new front end too.

Using a simple Webpack environment, I developed a library of static components using Storybook as both a demonstration of each one, as well as to offer some code-based documentation on how to use them.

Overall, there was over seventy individual components, and another thirty precomposed HTML templates, all carefully aligned to offer visitors an optimised, responsive, mobile-first interface and easier way to book their next adventure.