In Brief

Red Central is a leading creative agency for entertainment brand licensing. Working with the likes of Sony Pictures (Breaking Bad) and Universal (the Jurassic World franchise) amongst many others, they are an incredibly talented bunch who needed a website to match.

My Role

I was brought onto this project by a digital designer I've worked with on a number of successful freelance projects in the past. He had already worked through branding, strategy, and had produced designs which the client was very pleased with, so it just fell to me to bring it all to life.

I've worked with Mike Etheridge many times over the years. A very talented designer, he produces bold, image-led and sometimes technically challenging designs which are a pleasure to work with – just as long as you get the development right! It’s fair to say this needed meticulous attention to detail and pixel-perfect interpretation of the designs. The final product is the new Red Central website – a dynamic, image-led build based on Gatsby and using Contentful (via GraphQL) to allow the client complete control over their website and content.

Using React and SCSS, the front end makes extensive use of CSS Grid for layout and image-loading techniques to improve the site's speed, whilst still delivering the high-quality and complex imagery required to really show off the agency’s creative talent and aptitude.