In Brief

An alternative investment platform which uses analytics from complex, complex, real-time, 'big data' and the live markets to inform decision making.

My Role

At the time I joined, this was a very early-stage fintech start-up with a dispersed development team in London, Cyprus and South Africa. Working alongside their designer, business analyst and wider development team we produced an MVP in Angular 2 which deployed machine learning against enormous datasets and a bespoke marketing engine to provide real-time data and analysis.

I joined this fintech start-up during very early development stages post-funding. With a dispersed team of backend developers and data scientists based in London, Cyprus and South Africa, I was one of two front-end developers working directly alongside their designer, analyst and their wider marketing teams.

Starting from scratch, the product was an evolving MVP: a responsive, Angular 2-based platform using Sass. This was a near real-time lightweight modern business intelligence tool which deploys machine learning against enormous sets of complex 'big data', live markets and a Java-based marketing engine. The results allowed users to make informed quantitative investments and track returns.

The application itself featured a complex array of interactive data visualisation tools and tables. Whilst this was very much intended as a product to be used on a desktop machine, where more data could be consumed in one go, we also focused heavily on making sure that mobile and tablet users were still able to access the platform, albeit in a cut-down form.