• React
  • JSX & SCSS
  • FlexSearch
  • Contentful
  • Gatsby / GraphQL
  • Netlify

In Brief

IMG (the International Management Group) is the world's largest licensing business, representing a large and enviable list of household names, brands, and talent. Following a successful rebrand, and with an august library of client imagery and videos to make use of, it was time to produce a website befitting their services and brands.

My Role

In my formal capacity as technical director for Wreel Collective, this is a project which I oversaw from early conception to launch and personally undertook the development of. The client saw this project as an opportunity to move away from their previous clunky online presence, so understandably their requirements were extensive and complex. This - however - was straightforward to tackle with a combination of a fast, modern React platform, a headless CMS, and some hands-on client training.

Generated image of Fortnite characters posing in front of a neon X.