An innovative and enthusiastic web-development specialist, I'm an early adopter and tech-lead who uses React, JavaScript, CSS and HTML to develop innovative and strategic solutions to online problems, and to design and implement beautiful, accessible websites. I am also an advocate of fundamentally well-engineered, maintainable, testable and scalable code.

When left to my own devices my preferred tech stack is React, with Typescript(or vanilla JavaScript of course), SCSS, on top of Webpack, and GraphQL, with GatsbyorNextJS. This is hosted on AWS, using Gitand Jestto feed into an automated CI pipeline.

However, as a contractor I have been afforded the opportunity to be involved in a wide selection of interesting and varied projectsusing any number of different approaches and technologies.

My experience includes years of development within React, Angular, Polymerand Clojureecosystems; integrating with JAVA, .NET, Python, and more traditional PHP, as well as e-commerce with Episerverand AEM. I am adaptable and confident, able to pick up new SPAframeworks, and integrate quickly into different working environments.

I have worked extensively with both big-name household brands, as well as on much smaller greenfield projects. The end results of my work are experienced by millions of users, ranging from modest one-page SPAs right the way up to some of the world's most-visited websites.

As an accomplished lead developer I am confident in management-focused roles, adept in meeting clients or stakeholders, and a level-headed team mentor. As web development is an ever-evolving field I work hard to keep abreast of emerging technologies and I'm always happy to share that knowledge with others.

I thrive in busy environments and on interesting projects. I have a meticulous eye for detail and I'm just as happy working from my own little web studio (PixelCounter) as I am in your office, and with your team.

Often working with UX teams or designers (occasionally from flat designs - PSD, XDor Sketch- or wireframes), I ensure that my projects are pixel-perfect, optimised, responsive, cross-browser compatible, and accessible for you, your customers, and search engines. My work performs regardless of whether it is accessed using my grandmother's twenty-two-year-old Pentium II PC, or the latest touch-screen mobile device.

Outside work I watch disaster movies and read sci-fi. I was once part of a relatively successful band, touring alongside the sorts of names you might recognise. I'm a published author and occasional speaker. I appreciate good-quality whiskeys and dark rums before ruining them with cheap coke, ginger beer or bitters. I'm a qualified rally driver and an everyday petrolhead with a penchant for Italian metal. I enjoy the occasional meal out and have been known to turn my hand to cooking, although that can result in us getting a takeaway...

Above all I am a husband and father. Since the arrival of my daughter three years ago the place you will most likely find me at the end of the day is on the sofa, covered in stickers, exhausted, and watching whatever my wife has put on the TV.