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I'm John Kavanagh, an independent front-end web developer living in cloudy Brighton. With over seventeen years of hands-on web development experience, I specialise in building carefully-crafted, semantic, intuitive, and adaptive websites and applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

My work is experienced by millions of users worldwide every year and ranges from modest responsive HTML emails and one-page websites right the way up to some of the most-visited websites in the UK.

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I'm an enthusiastic and passionate web development specialist; an early adopter and tech lead who enjoys using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML together to develop innovative solutions to online problems, and to design and implement beautiful, accessible, websites.

Often working with UX teams or designers (occasionally from flat designs - PSD or Sketch - or wireframes), I ensure that my projects are pixel-perfect, optimised, responsive, cross-browser compatible, and accessible for you, your customers, and search engines. My work performs regardless of whether it is accessed using my Grandmother's twenty-three year-old Pentium II PC, or the latest touch-screen mobile device.

I thrive in busy environments and on interesting projects: I work with a meticulous eye for detail, and I'm just as happy working from my own little web-studio (PixelCounter) as I am in your office, and with your team. As an accomplished lead-developer I am also competent in team or project management roles, confident in both meetings with clients or stakeholders, and in mentoring junior members of the team. As front-end web development is an ever-evolving field, I work hard to keep abreast of emerging technologies and I'm always happy to impart that knowledge to others.

I graduated from the University of Surrey with a first-class degree in Computing & IT, and with a focus on Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, but my career started years earlier. At that time IE6 was king and front-end development was in a phase of transformation from archaic table-based layouts and in-line styles to the HTML5 and CSS3 standards enjoyed today. I saw this conflict of standards and emerging techniques as a challenge and have spent the past seventeen years learning, developing, testing, cursing at IE, and contributing back to the community.

Outside of my professional career I'm a qualified rally driver and an every-day petrolhead with a penchant for Italian metal. I listen to a lot of music and often enjoy it quite loud (or even better: live). I watch disaster movies and American TV shows; occasionally I turn my hand to cooking, usually resulting in ordering takeaway... I play guitar and sing badly, but I play Mario Kart and Goldeneye extremely well. I'm a published author and occasional speaker, I appreciate good-quality whiskeys and dark rums before ruining them with cheap coke, ginger beer, or bitters, and I love to travel when time allows.

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