1. My four month old daughter - Sophie - undergoes the first of her cleft surgeries under the care of the Evelina in London.

  2. Microsoft formally retires Internet Explorer, neatly rounding off the first two decades of my web development career, often struggling with IE's nuances and outright nuisances. It's been an interesting journey, I'll miss the old girl.

  3. Like many others working in e-commerce and fashion, found my contract cut to an abrupt end. In two weeks my daughter goes in for her first cleft surgery so in the grand scheme of things, timing isn’t as bad as it could have been. Now, the hunt for a new contract begins!

  4. Completed our garden bench. This is a classic Brighton bench, made by the Every Foundry in Lewes around 1880. Removed from the seafront during the war effort, we have recovered and repaired the broken remains. It is now looking out to sea once again in (family) service. https://t.co/9W8onjrJYm.

  5. Welcomed our second daughter into the world. Stubbornly late just like her sister. These girls will rule the world one day.

  6. Completed a short three-month contract working with @madebymany on the @wef My Forum and Topics platforms.

  7. Began to wind down towards Christmas. My projects are paused, my inbox is empty (but will quickly fill back up again), my Out of Office is on, and - eventually - my laptop will properly go away for a few days. Wishing everybody a Merry, and peaceful, Christmas!

  8. ...and here's the mobile view! https://t.co/Ijbhbxe9tw.

  9. Completed the first-pass implementation of an all-new navigation system for our client website. Built around their existing Chakra UI implementation, this is a drastic departure from their existing multi-tiered, accordion/dropdown-based navigation system. https://t.co/wr5vkQigqn.

  10. Began work in earnest on an all-new navigation system, working alongside a very talented designer, an old friend, and a familiar face from my John Lewis days @malinfish.

  11. Launched the new Case Studies section of a long-standing client’s website. Building on the GatsbyJS + Contentful configuration I built for them last year, this new section allows them to show off previous work in a simple image/description format. imglicensing.com/case-studies/.

  12. Added further interactivity and animations to a long-standing client's GatsbyJS site: wreelcollective.com.

  13. Finished off a four-month stint working with an online wine merchant. My team and I have produced five content-led promotional microsites and introduced a raft of performance and UI improvements to their main sites and app. Conversion has already increased significantly.

  14. Implemented a bespoke, database-free, RESTful endpoint to introduce clap-likes into my blog articles: johnkavanagh.co.uk/writing/.

  15. Had my second COVID-19 jab. I’m a little uncomfortable with needles but didn’t even realise this one had happened until she told me I was all done. The NHS response to this pandemic on a person-by-person level has been amazing. They deserve so much more than 3% and a clap.

  16. Launched a total rebuild, rebrand, and redesign of the IMG Licensing website. This is a complex, media-heavy, GatsbyJS build (React and SASS), hooked up to Contentful for totally hands-off client updating. Very proud to see it in the wild at last. imglicensing.com.

  17. Fifteen years ago today I was stuck on a hot, broken-down, tour bus somewhere outside of Geneva. What should have been a 16-hour journey where we mostly slept off the night before became a two-day epic. All the while the band we were supporting had taken a short flight. Sensible.

  18. Had my first COVID-19 vaccination. No queuing, I was in and out again in half an hour and barely felt a thing. For a service run by NHS volunteers, it was incredibly well-organised and straightforward.

  19. Began rolling out performance updates to my client's homepage. Their previous agency had told them that they were providing a 'lean' site unburdened with unnecessary frameworks.. and had then built it using (unminified) Bootstrap and jQuery..

  20. Took the plunge and replaced my trusty, nine-year-old, top-spec, 2012 MacBook Pro with a tiny M1 MacBook Air. I had worried about the screen size difference but within hours it is totally imperceptible; the performance upgrade however is far more perceptible!

  21. Officially became Technical Director of Wreel Collective: a nimble and creatively independent team of the best talent. A company I have been involved, and shared projects with, for several years. A founder who I've worked side-by-side with for over a decade.

  22. Completed a nearly year-long contract with Selfridges working with their Customer Experience team to help improve their multifaceted codebases and user interfaces. There is still a lot of work to do, but hopefully I leave it in a better place than I arrived!

  23. Finished migrating 105 live client websites, and a further 172 domain registrations away from @tsohost. Absolutely zero downtime, and an average initial server response time around 4ms (compared to over 2 seconds previously).

  24. Introduced Store suggestions into my e-commerce client's search interface. This comes from a curated definition list of terms which the client can control and edit without further developer input. https://t.co/Dh3Wgj0BVQ.

  25. Started working on some cool micro-interactions and animations for the header and navigation of this new project, which heavily features 'glitch' type interactivity throughout. Developed using React and vanilla CSS (Sass) animations. https://t.co/W4Vbm56ZT9.

  26. Introduced filtering to my e-commerce client's Brand Directory. Amongst other things, this includes pushState which will later allow context-based deep-linking from elsewhere on the site. https://t.co/8QVrTaXdys.

  27. Enhanced the mobile experience of my e-commerce client's Brand Directory by introducing a fixed, animated vertical A-Z navigation which responds to touch and drag interactions as well as more conventional clicks and keyboard. https://t.co/MVluYbVtaT.

  28. Implemented a complete redesign of an e-commerce website Brand Directory. This includes A-Z navigation via animated scroll, filtering, and sticky interface elements https://t.co/T3cGlQjBPl.

  29. Launched my latest freelance website project, built using GatsbyJS, React, SASS, Contentful, and AWS: wreelcollective.com.

  30. Switched a complex and long-standing React project over to Preact. Almost entirely painless!

  31. Developed a new e-commerce search interface which stores previous searches, auto-completes, and string-matches your search against brands and keywords https://t.co/fMcUmlah7a.