1. Finished migrating 105 live client websites, and a further 172 domain registrations away from @tsohost. Absolutely zero downtime, and an average initial server response time around 4ms (compared to over 2 seconds previously).

  2. Introduced Store suggestions into my e-commerce client's search interface. This comes from a curated definition list of terms which the client can control and edit without further developer input. https://t.co/Dh3Wgj0BVQ.

  3. Started working on some cool micro-interactions and animations for the header and navigation of this new project, which heavily features 'glitch' type interactivity throughout. Developed using React and vanilla CSS (Sass) animations. https://t.co/W4Vbm56ZT9.

  4. Introduced filtering to my e-commerce client's Brand Directory. Amongst other things, this includes pushState which will later allow context-based deep-linking from elsewhere on the site. https://t.co/8QVrTaXdys.

  5. Enhanced the mobile experience of my e-commerce client's Brand Directory by introducing a fixed, animated vertical A-Z navigation which responds to touch and drag interactions as well as more conventional clicks and keyboard. https://t.co/MVluYbVtaT.

  6. Implemented a complete redesign of an e-commerce website Brand Directory. This includes A-Z navigation via animated scroll, filtering, and sticky interface elements https://t.co/T3cGlQjBPl.

  7. Launched my latest freelance website project, built using GatsbyJS, React, SASS, Contentful, and AWS: https://t.co/BTo4wi1FBw.

  8. Switched a complex and long-standing React project over to Preact. Almost entirely painless!

  9. Developed a new e-commerce search interface which stores previous searches, auto-completes, and string-matches your search against brands and keywords https://t.co/fMcUmlah7a.