1. Finished off a four-month stint working with an online wine merchant. My team and I have produced five content-led promotional microsites and introduced a raft of performance and UI improvements to their main sites and app. Conversion has already increased significantly.

  2. Implemented a bespoke, database-free, RESTful endpoint to introduce clap-likes into my blog articles: johnkavanagh.co.uk/writing/.

  3. Had my second COVID-19 jab. I’m a little uncomfortable with needles but didn’t even realise this one had happened until she told me I was all done. The NHS response to this pandemic on a person-by-person level has been amazing. They deserve so much more than 3% and a clap.

  4. Launched a total rebuild, rebrand, and redesign of the IMG Licensing website. This is a complex, media-heavy, GatsbyJS build (React and SASS), hooked up to Contentful for totally hands-off client updating. Very proud to see it in the wild at last. imglicensing.com.

  5. Fifteen years ago today I was stuck on a hot, broken-down, tour bus somewhere outside of Geneva. What should have been a 16-hour journey where we mostly slept off the night before became a two-day epic. All the while the band we were supporting had taken a short flight. Sensible.

  6. Had my first COVID-19 vaccination. No queuing, I was in and out again in half an hour and barely felt a thing. For a service run by NHS volunteers, it was incredibly well-organised and straightforward.

  7. Began rolling out performance updates to my client's homepage. Their previous agency had told them that they were providing a 'lean' site unburdened with unnecessary frameworks.. and had then built it using (unminified) Bootstrap and jQuery..

  8. Took the plunge and replaced my trusty, nine-year-old, top-spec, 2012 MacBook Pro with a tiny M1 MacBook Air. I had worried about the screen size difference but within hours it is totally imperceptible; the performance upgrade however is far more perceptible!

  9. Officially became Technical Director of Wreel Collective: a nimble and creatively independent team of the best talent. A company I have been involved, and shared projects with, for several years. A founder who I've worked side-by-side with for over a decade.

  10. Completed a nearly year-long contract with Selfridges working with their Customer Experience team to help improve their multifaceted codebases and user interfaces. There is still a lot of work to do, but hopefully I leave it in a better place than I arrived!

  11. Finished migrating 105 live client websites, and a further 172 domain registrations away from @tsohost. Absolutely zero downtime, and an average initial server response time around 4ms (compared to over 2 seconds previously).

  12. Introduced Store suggestions into my e-commerce client's search interface. This comes from a curated definition list of terms which the client can control and edit without further developer input. https://t.co/Dh3Wgj0BVQ.

  13. Started working on some cool micro-interactions and animations for the header and navigation of this new project, which heavily features 'glitch' type interactivity throughout. Developed using React and vanilla CSS (Sass) animations. https://t.co/W4Vbm56ZT9.

  14. Introduced filtering to my e-commerce client's Brand Directory. Amongst other things, this includes pushState which will later allow context-based deep-linking from elsewhere on the site. https://t.co/8QVrTaXdys.

  15. Enhanced the mobile experience of my e-commerce client's Brand Directory by introducing a fixed, animated vertical A-Z navigation which responds to touch and drag interactions as well as more conventional clicks and keyboard. https://t.co/MVluYbVtaT.

  16. Implemented a complete redesign of an e-commerce website Brand Directory. This includes A-Z navigation via animated scroll, filtering, and sticky interface elements https://t.co/T3cGlQjBPl.

  17. Launched my latest freelance website project, built using GatsbyJS, React, SASS, Contentful, and AWS: wreelcollective.com.

  18. Switched a complex and long-standing React project over to Preact. Almost entirely painless!

  19. Developed a new e-commerce search interface which stores previous searches, auto-completes, and string-matches your search against brands and keywords https://t.co/fMcUmlah7a.